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Professional drone operators based in Canterbury, Kent


Sky Guru LTD is a videography and photography enterprise specializing in the use of drones and offer services like Drone Photography, Drone Videography, Drone Filming, Drone aerial video from our base in Canterbury Kent.


The Sky Is The Limit

At Sky Guru LTD the Sky really is the limit. Get breathtaking drone images and drone videos that make every commercial film, event, ceremony or occasion memorable.

We started with a passion for photography, videography and film making and now we are offering our enthusiasm to you with the skills that our passion for our craft has helped us earn.

We can be a part of the ingredients that makes a success of your event, project or business.

If you would like to enquire about our pilot and drone and/or ground camera service, select the appropriate tab to access what we can do for you.

If you have an event like a wedding or would like a simple business -promotional video, then select the events tab to see what we can offer you. Don't forget to check out our show reel and reviews.

Drone photographer for weddings and corporate hire

Why Choose Us?

Because what you want is more important to us than what we get from the transition.

The equipment we use is some of the latest tech on the market, combined with our passion for creating beautiful imagery and the technology in our platforms and camera equipment, like obstacle avoidance, smart return to home and shooting at 120/180 FPS (slow motion) from the ground and air, we have the safety of your people and property covered at the hands of our professional drone pilot while providing stunning 4K visuals from many perspectives.

We are flexible with how you want us to work, we can be part of a team you are putting together to be directed or we can be the team calling the shots. We have a huge network of operators all over the UK we can tap in to so if you need more we can provide it.

Our pilots are fully trained and tested by the Civil Aviation Authority and we have permissions for commercial operation (PFCO) from the CAA and are insured for public liability.

This is the law if you work for money.

Professional drone operatior for wedding hire in Kent

CAA Approved

Our services include the use of a number of drones and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved pilots along with our ground filming equipment.

CCA Approved Drone Operators in Kent

High Definition Results

We supply high quality aerial graphics in a number of formats from 720p to 5.2K and high quality stills photography so whether it's a T.V production or a YouTube campaign we can supply the view from above with our highly skilled platform operators.

High Definition Drone video services in Kent

Services Available Across the UK and Beyond

Even though we are based in the south east of the UK our services are available across the UK and where ever else you would like them to accompany you. If we are busy we have a network of operators that we have built up over years for us to tap in to to help you achieve your goal.

Whether up high or on the ground, with our full editing and producion facilities, we have a service to fit your needs.

Drone Video maker in the UK
Reviews of Sky Guru Drone Photography in Kent

We hired Sky Guru LTD to video our wedding, we felt we were listened to and part of the whole process and were thrilled with results.

The team were discreet and the drone was high enough that we couldn’t hear it at the important moments. We set aside some time to be filmed for the process.

Alice and Colin Payne, Happy Couple.