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Booking Considerations

Points to consider when booking our drone services


Planning the Location / Venue

If you wish to make an enquiry please have as much information of location as possible if drone footage is required, if you haven’t chosen a venue at this point this is not a problem however you do need to choose a place that is happy to have a drone present and that is legal to fly.

Your guests and venue manager will be required to sign a permission form in the event of needing to fly within 50 meters of them. This dose not exempt their legal rights to redress should there be a mistake.

Please see the links below for more info.

CAA - Guide to unmanned drone operation

Drone Safe - A guide to drone safety


A consultation will be carried out with you to ascertain exactly what your requirements are, should you feel our services are what you are looking for and we can provide all you need a booking can be made, what is important to us is providing you with exactly what you want if you are happy we thrive.

Further consultations will be required through out the planning of you event and any rehearsals will be attended where notice is given.

Securing your Booking

After the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed we can then add your booking to our diary with the payment of a 20% deposit, this deposit is refundable if you cancel but not if the cancellation is with in 24 weeks of the event.