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From Drone Wedding Photography/Videography to Personal Video Eulogies



Immoratise your special memories from a unique perspective.

If you are getting married, going on holiday or want a one-time event immortalized to look back on in more than just photos we can offer the best side as a happy moment in time, taking in the smiles and laughter and the reasons for them.

This can be the difference between smiling at a photo that lights a memory or really laughing again at what actually happened at the time, seeing the smile and laughter of someone that is no longer close can be invaluable.

Drone Hire for Canterbury business


First of all, the most important thing for us is that you are happy with the memories of your big day.

We provide a full package for wedding photography/videography from the ground and the air by using Drone's. Over the years we have speciliased and made many weddings memorable our drone wedding photography and drone wedding videography makes that moment stay with you forever.

The more you need the more we can do.

If you have an example of a style for either video or photos you have in mind, please bring an example, we will go as far as coming to the venue with you to plan and takes some test photos.

The responsibility and weight of this expectation is something that is more important to us than just securing the job. If we feel we can't provide what you need in the style you want then we won't pretend we can. With your guidance and our creativity we can come up with a range of looks for photos and videos to suit both those who can make the special day and those that can't. We can even work with photos you already have and include those loved ones that are no longer with us in to the memory as part of your tapestry of life on the big day. Your life is a story and so is your wedding day.

If we are providing videography that involves the use of the drones, because we can't guarantee weather on the day as these events are booked so far in advance, we will film on a sunny day way before the event to make sure we get those stunning establishing shots from the air so people can see for years to come why you choose that venue. Weather permitting on the day we can get shots of the festivities.

If you already have a photographer and or videographer we can assist and be directed by them if they do not provide a drone.

Drone Hire for Kent Weddings


This is without doubt the hardest part of our service to put across, for us this is about finding out what you want to leave those that you are leaving behind as a full stop to your life, having the last say so to speak.

Whether you have been given news that throws life in to sharp perspective or you want to prepare for a sudden unexpected exit we can help with tact and sensitivity (or not if you would like).

This service is personal to you and can work however you would like it to.

To give just one person a special message or instructions to conducting your own funeral with a video and audio production.

You might want to make everyone laugh one more time or cry uncontrollably we can help you leave however you want, after all, leaving isn't a choice but how we leave is.

Planning, Location and Safety

Even though we are based in the south east of the United Kingdom we can meet your needs wherever your location, as long as we have time to plan it.

Where drone footage is preferred we need time to include the administrational aspect of using this wonderful technology; after all what goes up can come down! we have a responsibility to keep everyone safe.

So whatever the event you want to capture we can be there to help you bottle the love, laughter and terrible dancing for you to look back on whenever you like.

We are able to put a montage together and/or passed all the footage over for you to do with what you like.

Reviews of Sky Guru Drone Photography in Kent

When I contacted Sky Guru LTD the first response was professional, full of helpful information and lots of questions to understand my needs before our first meeting.

The whole process was enjoyable and I was surprised at the work that went in to a short video.

John Stokes, Sole Surfers.